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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good for them. >> that's what's making news in america t . new at 4:30, quickly losing confidence. professors at the university of akron ready to question leadership as the school gets donation. >> and a desperate prayer answered. a local man will receive a life- saving surgery and thanks to a billboard and complete stranger. >> and it's a wet start to the wednesday morning. this is video of akron overnight and there is some minor flooding in the morning and let's get to somara theodore who is tracking the rain for you. >> and that is right, rain not snow. this system on is on the warm
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take a look at a few neighborhoods. the sandusky-lorain county, you're in the clear. akron waking up to the moderate and heavier showers here and lighter areas like geauga and burton. we're seeing a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of new accumulations into the morning rush hour period and coshockton seeing heavier rain and and this is heading to parts of pennsylvania and we should dry out throughout the morning and you can see localized flooding out there and we'll talk more later. and all of this rain is causing flooding on the roadways. we have video from the live desk. police blocking off the east 55th to i-490 ramp. a big puddle there. also, flooding on i-90 at carneygy with water across four lanes and two the i-77 entrance ramp.
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i-77 getting by at last check. cars are navigating through deepwater. keep that in mind. you can encounter some of that. and let's get a check on traffic now. >> and we're not seeing major issues out there. you probably need to use -- [ indiscernible ] in some spots this morning. we have the closure affecting west 106th street at madison avenue because of the broken water main and we'll keep you updated on when they are to the south. and in the akron area as somara was mentioning, a 9-minute ride northbound and this is a live look outside on i-90 where you see some slick roadways out there, jackie and terrence. >> and definitely saw pulling on the freeway, corrina. drive slowly through the mess. it's been a rough school year for the university of akron. the university faces a $60 million shortfall. >> and cut 215 jobs, the baseball team, too. the today, the university is
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donation that will transform part of the school. sarah phinney is live in akron this morning. what can you tell us, sarah? >> reporter: terrence, the university said the gift will change the lives of students. it's remaining tight lipped about the details until a news conference this afternoon. the announcement comes as the packulate i members express their disappointment with the university president, scott scarboro, who held the position since july 2014. the faculty plans to take a no confidence vote on thursday and the senate president said it's a rare move, one he has never seen in decades with the university. he said dissatisfaction stands from a lack of transparency by the president, slipping enrollment numbers and the uptick of a hiring of non- tenure faculty. only 60 members get to is rose -- vote on the resolutions and board of trustees. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and let's go to new
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here on gmc. and we are seeing what led up to the head-on collision that killed two people on e-71. you can see the wrong way the driver narrowly missed a car before that collision. so we're not able to show it to you now, but cleveland police say kevin urbannic was behind the wheel and he hit brown, who was on the way home from hear job as a nursing assistant. >> she was funny and caring. she had a big heart and she was loving and missing. i think there will be a lot of people who missed her. a lot of people loved her. >> police believe that alcohol might have been a factor here, but they're waiting on toxicology results about ever they can take care of anything. and this morning, an rta driver who got into a fight with a homeless man is off of the job, fired. why the show says them
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scuffle after the man threw bus schedules on the floor and refused to pick them up. brown worked for rta for 28 years. a new plan to control the amount of pollution into lake erie. the northeast ohio regional sewer district wants to buy land from east cleveland. they will put in retention basins and tunnels to hold water during heavy rains. some residents are not happy about the idea. >> and to accept something like this. -- [ indiscernible ] in michigan, you don't know what it's going to be about this and turn into a wetland. that is garbage. >> the sewer district will present the ideas at city hall. and more people are bringing samples of water to be tested after an elevated amount of lead was discovered there and the village handed out close to 800 of the testing kits and another thousand will be delivered today.
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about their water this morning. new lives are put in along homewood drive and that is making water cloudy there. the councilman tells the morning journal that the water is still safe to use and drink and recommends running the faucet for several minutes to clear the pipes. >> and that is an incredible sacrifice. >> i think that jim deserves to see his kids get married and he deserves to hold a grandchild. an ashland man getting a life-saving surgery todaying thats to this billboard on the screen and our story about the ad on newschannel 5. nick foley is live at the cleveland clinic where preparations are underway for the surgery this morning, nick. >> reporter: it's been a long three years for jim williams who has a genetic disorder and two failing kidneys. after putting up a billboard desperately asking anyone for help, his family's prayers were answered by one very generous
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september in wayne county. while she didn't see the billboard directly at first, she saw our story on the display and reached out to jim. cathy, who lives in brooke park, was moved by jim's situation and decided to get testd when she discovered she was a perfect match. this morning, the doctors will. the transplant at the cleveland clip wick a procedure set to begin at 7:30. what makes the story more amazing is when she went in to get tested, the doctors told her she had a less than 1% chance of being a match for jim and how is that for beating the odds? light go back to the studio. >> and that means it was meant to be. >> uh-huh. and it you for being with us. i'm terrence lee. >> i'm jackie fernandez. you made it halfway through the week. still ahead on good morning cleveland, most people calling the warmer temperatures a blessing. they might not be so good for your health.
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one local player fulfills a
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. good morning to you. a lot of you are asking yourself is this february in cleveland? >> allergy complaints are up, say doctors and the ground is not frozen like most winters and that means there is more around mold and if you have a runny nose and you can't stop wheezing and sneezing, it could be winter allergies and not a cold. tomorrow is going to be warm today although it's raining now.
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get allergies and winter will more than likely be today. we're starting off with ashtabula county. and the clicker doesn't want to work for me. there we g. in kirtland, temperatures are 44 degrees. 18 miles an hour winds and that is sustained. look at the gusts, though, so much more gustier out there and let's look at the radar. areas in blue showing the rain and should be green but lighter rain in lake county now. kirtland drying out and moving through ashtabula. the highs in the upper 50s. terrence. and today, all the hard work will pay off for many high school athletes across the country. >> yes, it will and they will sign their name on the dotted line to play at the next level, the ultimate level. it's national signing day and ohio state is sure to be busy scooping up talent across the country. one stop is in maple heights where he will sign the letter
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the coach said he worked every day to achieve that goal. >> and we had a conversation about the things he had to do as far as class and the weight room and staying out of trouble and pretty much followed the plan. >> care scored seven touchdowns his senior year and he was an honor student, a big congratulations to him. >> you go, boy. 4:42 on your wednesday morning. up next for you, parents outraged after a shooting in a park where kids play. >> and then, i am live with what this means for local jobs and the future of the popular
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. good morning, it's 4:44. and a papa john's driver robbed and shot in the back after making a delivery. police are now looking for the suspects involved. the shooting happened on crane walk outside of the parkway manor apartment on akron's
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a man wearing a black hood stole cash from 59-year-old mark murray and opened fire. he worked at the papa john's near butchel avenue and is listed in serious condition this morning. and that shooting comes more than two months after the murder of a pizza store emin akron. a armed robber shot him while he was working at the family's pizza shop. and police have video of the killer and the case remains unsolved. there is a reward for any information leading to an arrest. and right now, a man shot in the basketball court is in critical and this happened on east 46th in cleveland just feet away from the lonnie burton rec center. dozens of children, too, were game. and one woman said it sounded like the wild, wild west and she heard close to 20 shots. >> this is what you're going to have any time of the night. don't know what it was about
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they took -- . >> and police are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. drugs may have been involved here. and another business bombshell for a northeast ohio company. and they're telling -- selling all of their stores to michaels. and why. >> what does this mean for 1800 employees? and meg shaw has more for us. >> reporter: the great news, they say no stores will close and no employees will be without a job. this is what we know about the deal. michael's paid $150 million in cash for land right west incorporated. the parent company of -- and the craft store operates 31 stores in ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, and west virginia. a spokesperson for michael's tells newschannel 5 that they will continue to operate out of the strongsville headquarters as a separate division within michael's.
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i am still digging into. they said employees and customers willno i a, quote, tangible benefit from the combination. there are also unanswered questions that crafters are asking this morning. and it's well-known for having unique hard-to-find crafting items. so the purchase, what does that mean for the merchandise within the hand stores? what about a name change and prices? they're all questions that people are asking this morning. not to mention what about, they say that no stores will be closing. what about the stores in close proximo proximity of a michael's. where i am at, there is one across the street and i can walk there this morning and there is a michael's now and they say no stores will be closing. live in cuyahoga falls this morning, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and i love it. let's look live outside in akron. somara, you see the slick roads
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rainy morning today. >> and we are. is that some puddling we see as well? localized flooding in a few spots and no severe weather in widespread flooding. you can see out towards areas like michigan getting a little bit of snow out there. a lot under blizzard watch and warning and we're on the warm side of the system. and let's dig deeper into sandusky and cuyahoga and that rain is passing through. you look into spots like akron. they received a good amount of rain that is drying out. ravena receiving that moderate to heavier rain as well, too and one spot in particular, you will be traversing 77 through new philadelphia and give it time to move out. this is a weather system at play and we have a draw of warmer air increasing our temperatures today and also our chance of rain and that moisture. behind it, cooler air is
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and our chances of lake affect snow go up and light talk temps. 52 in medina; po, akron and a warm start to the morning in the month of february. today's highs are expected to be 60 degrees and that is what i am going. and the record was 57 degrees and that is set back in 1890. and we'll see if we're going to break that record today and this is the power of five seven- day forecast. and what i want you to be aware of is the chance of snow returns to the forecast tomorrow and temperatures are normal this time of the year in the 40s. over to you all. >> and we're going to start you off with a live look from the odot cam and you see plenty of water on the roadways and that is on to- e-90 and kenilworth. we have some good news with flooding on the roadways. i-90 eastbound on the ninth street back open and still
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there is a half an inch of water on the road and some things are looking good. we're issue and accident free, west 106th street and closed in the area of madison avenue. and still some repairs need to be done to that roadway. an 11-minute ride, 271 northbound richmond to 90 and some average speeds moving along just fine. and caught up on news here. we're keeping a close eye on wall street. and sing futures showing minimal gains and the s&p and falling oil prices to blame for the dow losing 300 points. overnight, asian markets stumelling -- stumbling and the main market index falling more than 3%. and new information on a broncos player who has been sent home from super bowl week. ryan murphy was questioned in a prostitution ring in san hoa. -- san jose. he was visiting his young
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hotel and cited for prostitution. his brother for trafficking. murphy was not cited but the head coach of the broncos thought it was best if he head back to denver. the super bowl is a special week for ted gyp. he will held -- ted ginn. he will head to san francisco to see his son ted jr. play in the game. >> and i think the super bowl is important, but i think every game ted played this year is important. i think any time that he can showcase himself in the league and be a servant and work or his job, you know, we take a lot of pride in that. >> that is a proud papa there and for ginn jr., that is his second trip to the super bowl. he was last there a member of the 49ers in 2013, when his team lost to the ravens. we'll see how he does this sunday. and 4:51 is the time on the wednesday morning. still ahead, should women have
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some of our nation's top generals are voicing their opinions this morning. >> and a disease that prompted a worldwide health alert has been transmitted in the u.s. the first time. it was not a mosquito bite that gave someone the zik a revirus.
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. welcome back. parts of the midwest are shoveling out after getting slammed by a winter storm. this is what it looked like as the snow started to fall in minnesota and there were blizzard warnings in affect in parts of south dakota.
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the snow around here. whiteout conditions making it impossible and if they can see more than a foot of snow there and what about here? >> and none of that, thankfully. we're talking about a half an inch of rain. and that same snow is making its way into parts of wisconsin and green bay up next and all of the areas are under a winter storm watch and this is where we're seeing the rain. and let's zoom in to the heaviest rain here this morning and that is in tuscaroras county and if you live in carolton county, you will be hitting the road the next 30 minutes and seeing moderate to heavy rain. and keep that in mind as well as gusty winds. over to you, corrina. and the rain causing significant impacts on the roadways and standing water reported on 90, 77, and i-90 eastbound to east 9th street was closed and it's reopened and we're still dealing with flooding in that area.
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it's still early and a smooth ride for your drive time and that is not bad at all and this odot cam. and you can see the water on the roadways, terrence. and a new concern of the zeka virus a patient in dallas got it through sex. he had contact with a person who was sick and came back from a zika-infected country and the french company is trying to come up with the vaccine. and the company saying its experience may then them fight this disease. and with the olympics six months away. there is concern in rio de janeiro that brazil is the center of the outbreak. and officials are assuring them they won't be at risk but a spokesman for the president of
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women to stay away from it games altogether, jackie. and do you think that women should register for the draft? and top generals say yes and believe that women should have to do that now that combat jobs are open to them and so far, politicians have been reluctant to endorse the draft requirement. and coming up, unbelievable video of terror in the sky. sky. >> and go, johnny, go. what the browns decided about the quarterback's future in cleveland.
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. new at 5, growing concerns. the faculty at the university of akron questioning leadership as the school gets ready to
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a local chain of craft stores
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